Paintball Quick Disconnect Filler

The last major advancement in the world of filling paintball tanks goes back to switching to High Pressure Air (HPA) instead of CO2 – until now.

Revolutionary New Filler – The Story

paintball quick disconnect filler
At my field, with younger kids and self serve air stations, we saw that many of our little customers had a very difficult time trying to pull back a coupling, while pushing forward onto the nipple. This leads to multiple problems.

Many times throughout the day, a customer would be running back to the fill station to fill up again because they did not get the filler engaged the last time, and they prematurely ran out of air. If they don’t have air – they can’t shoot paintballs – and that costs me money.

We ended up having to have staff sit by the fill station all day long, to help kids fill – and that costs me money.

When I manned the fill station, even though the kids could not properly fill they tanks, they want to… so they are not happy that they can’t do it themselves – and that costs me money.

Helping at the Fill stationBetween lost revenue from guns not shooting and labor costs, at my field, I did the math and realized I was throwing away over $400 a week. It took over a year of testing and refining prototypes and watching thousands of kids filling, studying what motions were natural to them and which were difficult and foreign. I talked to hundreds of kids and let them try this prototype or that prototype to determine the best combination of tactile feel and functionality.

Although I no longer do 4500 psi fills at my field, I realized a lot of fields still do, and when we did 4500 fills, there was a constant fear that rental tanks would get filled on that filler, with the result most times being a blown burst disk, a petrified child, a dropped gun, and the labor and cost to repair the burst disk and any damage to the equipment. It was also important to me that the fill nipple was designed so it would not fit standard fill stations.

Check out the video!


Because the propitiatory nipple on the Vantora Fill system is a slightly different shape than standard nipples, it allows you to set up a “Rental Tank Fills Only” station. This will stop players from accidentally putting 4500 psi into a 3000 psi rated tank, which is potentially very dangerous, and at a minimum can frighten players and cause them to drop and damage paintball gear when a burst disk blows.

There are different plugs for a standard 110 wall outlet verses a 220 Volt Dryer outlet. It’s for the same reason! For a safety of the consumer. If you plug the wrong plug into the wrong outlet, you could destroy equipment and possibly cause injury. Putting a tank on the wrong filler can cause the exact same type of dilemma. Now there is an easy, safe and cost effective solution.

different fill nipples for different pressure paintball tanks
Now this makes sense!

Increases revenue

Because the filling process is much easier, it speeds players through the filling process to get them back out on the field faster. If you’ve spent any time near a fill station with new players trying to hook up the filler, you have seen how many have a difficult time getting the quick disconnect to properly engage the fill nipple. This results in player frustration and many times the tank does not get filled. That can mean players getting  onto the the field and running out of air, which decreases paint consumption and profits.

Decreases labor costs

Staffing a Fill Station
Because the usual filling experience is so difficult, many fields have to staff an employee at the fill station to help everyone fill. If you add up the labor costs alone of staffing to fill the tanks, it doesn’t take long to add up the number of hours you are open, times your labor cost of the staff, to understand a smooth running self serve fill station pays for itself in no time.

Enhances Customer Experience

Customers actually enjoy filling their own tanks. You can see the excitement of running off the field to go refill. It should be one of the easiest experiences at the paintball field – and now it is! And the players will always hit the field with air in their tanks assuring they don’t have to stop playing half way through a game.


Filler – $85.00
Delrin Cover – $20
Nipple – $12.00

We had people ask if it was difficult to change the o-ring in this unit. It’s actually very easy, so we make a video to show you how to do it. UltraQD O-ring Service.

To find out more about our Ultra QD Paintball Filler, contact us by calling us at 409-572-9101 (our phone number!)

Watch these kids filling!

Check out these little kids filling their own tanks – some are only 6 or 7 years old! But using the Delrin Cover over the QD Fill end, it makes it effortless – just push on – pull off.

Check out the last kid to fill, he doesn’t get it all the way on, but thanks to the double safety system, the whip does not fly around – it falls harmlessly on the table, where he grabs it, then pushes it on again and fills.  This is the way fill stations should run!