Full Page Entrepreneur Magazine spread for Larry Dague

If you’re old enough, and can remember back far enough… there was a time when people did not trust buying on the internet. It was easy to toss up a web page, and people wondered if the people you were giving your credit card to really had the product. Where they a store at all?! Or just someone with a web page and a lot of pictures?

It was one day when someone called ScubaToys and was talking to Larry Dague about a dive computer.  The caller really wanted it, but was apprehensive about giving his credit card number to just some guy on the phone who had a web page.  It was at that moment that Larry Dague had an epiphany.  He gave the customer the login info to the stores remote security system, so Larry could show the customer that yes, he did exist, and the computer was in his hand, and he could watch it being boxed and shipped.

That sealed the deal!  And in the next week, Larry installed 4 new cameras and turned it into the most innovative sales tool of the time.  Enough to grab the attention of Entrepreneur Magazine.